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Do Not Take Nigeria’s Unity for Granted, Martins Warns

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr Alfred Adewale Martins has warned the country’s leadership not to be carried away by the fragile peace and unity currently being enjoyed by Nigeria at 58. Rather, he wants them to work hard in ensuring that the interests of all citizens are well taken care of at all times. 

In his message to mark Nigeria’s 58th Independence anniversary, Archbishop Martins, while noting that there was need to thank God for keeping the country united despite the numerous assaults on her over the years by her so-called leaders, also lamented that ethnic and religious motives have become major reasons for decisions taken by the political class rather than the common good that would benefit all Nigerians. 

He warned that except the leadership rise up urgently to the task of sincerely addressing the needs, yearnings and aspirations of the masses of this country, especially the youths, the possibility of building and sustaining the unity in the diversity of Nigeria may soon become a mirage. 

“We thank God for the opportunity of celebrating our 58th independence. Certainly, we have many genuine reasons for which we must remain grateful to God. In the first instance we are still alive and living together despite the assaults on our country by successive leaders. However, how much is there for us to celebrate at this time when most Nigerians are suffering and in depression from all sorts of troubles that beset them? We must not take the fragile peace in the land for granted. Our leadership should be more sensitive to the feelings and aspirations of the citizens. They should not allow ethnicity and religion to be the sole influencers of the policies and decisions they make in the day-to-day administration of this country.” 

The Prelate, while mindful of the challenges being faced by Nigerians, especially the youths, urged them not to lose hope, but to remain positive in pursuing their dreams. 

Archbishop Martins challenged them not to be afraid to utilize all legitimate means at their disposals to ensure they elect capable leaders who will lead them to the Promised Land.


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