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Doctrines & Morals

Jesus as the greatest sign
By Religious

Prior to the encounter of Jesus with the Pharisees, some of them had witnessed some of the miracles he performed; they were still faithless as regards his identity as the son of God. He called them “this generation” thus referring to the Pharisees and their followers, who failed to believe and accept him as the greatest of all signs. We too many a time fail to see Jesus in the daily events of our lives because we look for, by human standard and judgment, the extraordinary things which must be really grand. Jesus who comes to us in the lowliness of human flesh and a manger, evidently does come to us and ministers to us in the very small things of life. The food we eat, the words we hear, the journey we make, the people who share with us, the poor and needy, the blind, are all avenues where we can see Jesus reaching out to the depths of our heart. If we do not ask for spiritual insight, we remain truly blind and ask for the wrong things like the teachers and custodians of the Mosaic Law in today’s Gospel.

Prayer:  Lord open our eyes to see you in the daily events of our lives. Amen.

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