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Doctrines & Morals

What shall we do

April 3, 2018 (Tuesday in the Octave of Easter)



What shall we do?


Dear friends in Christ, the opening message of the mission of Jesus was, ‘repent.’ What exactly has repentance got to do, with the kingdom of God. The word translated as ‘repent,’ is ‘metanoia’ and it literally means, ‘turn around.’ While the message of repentance points to the fact of sin in the world, it also points to the fact that the search for God has been done in the wrong direction, there is the need then to turn around and face the right direction.


Our first reading for today from Acts 2:36-41, is a continuation of the sermon of Peter on the day of Pentecost. The address of Peter on that day, concerning the fact that, Jesus whom they had crucified, is both the Lord and Christ. The people were caught to the heart, and wanted to know what they could do, so they asked, “Brethren, what shall we do?” Peter’s response is the same message, “Repent, and be baptised everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” This is the message we need to preach today. Far beyond all the promises of prosperity, the message of repentance is very relevant. Except, people turn around, the search for God in the world today, is being done by many, in the wrong direction. There are people who think they are serving the purpose of God, by doing so many things that are unimaginable. They kill and steal and destroy the good name of others and still claim to be serving God.


Today’s Gospel (John 20:11-18) tells us of Mary of Magdala’s experience at the tomb. She saw the empty tomb; she knew not where the body was; she began to weep; she looked again into the tomb and saw two angels and they asked, “Woman, why are you weeping?” When she turned around, she saw Jesus standing, but taught it was the gardener, who asked the same question. She replied, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away.” Then Jesus called her by name, “Mary.” It was only now she recognised him. In her tears, she couldn't recognise the Lord, whom she was seeking. There are many looking for God, but who pass God bye daily, without recognising him, even when he calls them by name. ‘Whatsoever you do, to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me,’ says Jesus. He also said to Saul on his way to Damascus, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” By this he meant that the persecution of the believers, was the persecution of the master. Wipe your tears and see the Lord clearly in those around you.


Let us pray: Lord, open my eyes to your presence in the world. Grant that I may see beyond my tears, your abiding presence in my life. Amen. May the Almighty God bless you, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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