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Doctrines & Morals

Give Them Something to Eat
By Rev. Fr. Andrew Toye

Our gospel text reveal to us the story of the multiplication of bread and fish by Jesus. This miracle is one of the most impressive miracles of Jesus and it is recorded in all four gospels. This miracle prefigures the Eucharist which is the food of our souls.  The miracle gives testimony to the power and authority of Jesus as the one who cares for our spiritual and physical needs.  The miracle was also possible because the little boy willfully gave up his bread and fish to Jesus.  As Christians we must learn to share what we have been blessed with. Jesus recognized the people were hungry, the little boy offered his bread and fish, like this little boy we should make effort to be generous to our brothers and sisters, we must not wait for them to come to us. Anytime we perceive that a person is in need of any kind we must seize it as an opportunity to express generosity as bearing witness to Jesus and giving glory to God.  Today the Lord invites us to work towards the alleviation of both the physical and spiritual hunger in our world.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, console and provide for those who are hungry and help us to respond positively to the spiritual and physical hunger in our world. Amen.

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