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Doctrines & Morals

Do Not Be Afraid
By Rev. Fr. Andrew Toye

This story reveals that while the disciples had faith in Christ, their faith needed the support of the Holy Spirit in order to reach full growth. The passage across the stormy sea reechoes the Exodus experience of the Israelite, when Moses led them through the parting of the Red sea. This event symbolically indicates the Church journeying through history as she withstands the fierce winds of persecution and sin, but she is never overcome because she has the Holy Spirit as her guard and guide. Again in our own lives too we experience terrible storms of life in moments we do not expect just like the disciples were never expecting the storm. The storms in our lives today could be; trouble, trial, sickness, death, financial difficulties among others. When these storms strike us unexpectedly we are gripped with fear and emotional breakdown. Beloved we must know that being without Jesus will cause fear; but with Jesus we are strengthened and empowered and fear will never overcome us in the face of difficulties.

Prayer: May Christ calm every fear in our lives and give us the grace to constantly put our trust in him. Amen.

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