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Doctrines & Morals

Firm Faith in Christ
By Rev. Fr. Andrew Toye

The readings of today call our consciousness to the demands and needs for an authentic discipleship. In the first reading Stephen accepted this demand by preaching the gospel message amidst persecution, trials and rejection. He was never deterred by the attitude of the people, nor was he intimidated. He stood for Christ and spoke without fear of the authority or of losing his life. Though he was accused of blasphemy, he never defended himself but offered all to God. Jesus on the other hand in the gospel, advised the people to seek for eternal life and not material gains and satisfaction. Even though they demonstrated a search for Christ, yet their search was beclouded by exterior motive; hence, Christ warned them of the need to believe in him, because a total faith in Christ paves our way to eternal life. Consequently, we must be disposed in spirit to become Christ’s disciple with trust in him and less fear of those who castigate us or persecute and discourage us from preaching the gospel.

Prayer: May God grant us the grace of perseverance and enrich us with a firm faith in his Son so that we may be his disciples amidst trial and tribulations. Amen.

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