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Doctrines & Morals

By Fr. Otukpe Paulmary

Today’s gospel gives us the intention that there might be a bone of contention or confusion this time not between Jesus and the Pharisees but his Disciples. May be they are finding some of his teachings difficult as usual. This time it was about the Law and the prophet which he told them vividly and blatantly that He did not come to abolish and condemn the law and the prophets which they revered and practiced but to complete and fulfil them. It is in Jesus that we see the fullness of the law and the Prophet, which has to do with his death and resurrection.

Anyone that has Jesus has everything, for through him, in him and with him, we live and move and have our being. St Anthony of Padua believed in his heart and preached with one of his priceless assets – his tongue. As Christians, may we use our tongues or what we prize the most to serve God like Saint Anthony of Padua.

Prayer: You have made us who and what we are, O Lord, may we serve you with our whole life. Amen. 

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