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Doctrines & Morals

God’s Parental Care For Us
By Religious

When a little child hurts its little finger and cries, its mother comes, picks up the little one and kisses the little finger. The child feels all better and such would be the experience of a person who reads through Hosea 11:1-11. A God so like an affectionate mother follows you right from your birth to your returning home. God loves you, cares for you, feeds you, lifts you up to her cheeks, teaches you to walk, scolds you, punishes you and brings you back to his love and keeps you forever as a possession. Hosea purposefully adopts this maternal image of God for Israel needs a new image to experience God. However, Hosea brings out the failure of that love story and the enduring love of God who cannot but love.

Prayer: Lord, your faithful love is forever, give us your grace to always be faithful in loving and serving you. Amen.

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