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Doctrines & Morals

The Christian Righteousness
By Fr. Otukpe Paulmary

The Christian righteousness must “exceed” that of the most perfect of the Jews and the doctors of the Law (Matt. 5:20). As such, every Christian must avoid the three defects of Jewish righteousness. The first is that it was only an exterior righteousness, second they arrogated holiness and good works to themselves instead of to God, and thirdly, their righteousness was mere legalism. The Christian righteousness must rise above all these; it must be constant and consistent, abandonment of evil which leads to death and leading a virtuous life which leads to life. One of the fruits of such a life is forgiveness of a brother or sister who has previously wronged us. Anyone who is angry with his brother or sister shall be liable to the same judgement as one who kills.

Anger is one of the most basic human emotions. By its very nature, anger involves antagonism. Everyone gets angry. The question is, how can we handle our anger in godly ways? First, acknowledge your anger to God, do not pretend you are not angry. Second, be slow to act when angry, angry words spoken quickly are often later regretted. Third, place your anger under new management in total surrender to Christ and His Word.

Prayer: Lord, with you there is kindness and redemption. Forgive me for judging myself and others. Help me to accept the fullness of the human experience, including uncomfortable feelings such as anger. Amen.

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