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Doctrines & Morals

The Reverse Case
By Archdiocese of Lagos

It is obvious the Gospel reading of today is the Lukan version of the Matthean beatitudes. Something the Lord Jesus wants us to understand is found in the way the blessings (beatitudes) stand opposite the covenant curses or woes. Jesus envisions the conditions of this life being overturned in the next to the point that the blessed can expect their present sorrow to open up to future joy and glitters and the reverse is the case for the prosperous and wealthy whose love for God has been smothered by their possessions. The message is clear, why waste all your energy in acquiring so much for this passing world and not even expend an ounce of energy and time investing in the greater kingdom of love, peace, joy and sharing? The reverse case isn’t just a probability, it will surely happen because his words are true.

Prayer: Father, may I understand your ways are not the ways of the world; give me a willing heart to labour for your ways. Amen.

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