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Doctrines & Morals

St. Lucy
By Rev. Fr. Francis Babatunde

The world of today is a world of rushing, a world where everyone claims to have no time. Hence in this kind of world waiting for the right time becomes very difficult let alone waiting on the Lord. Some are waiting but not in hope. To ‘wait upon the Lord’ is to wait in hope, to have a positive attitude while waiting. The heart that waits upon the Lord is gentle and humble. It does not panic, complain, worry, or fear. Come to the Lord when troubled, wearied, or overburdened. He may not be in a hurry but he will never be late.


Prayer: Lord, give us the grace of hopeful gaze on you like St. Lucy, may we always put our trust in you. When our burden is too heavy to go on, may we always remember you for strength and refuge. Amen.

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