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Doctrines & Morals

Good Company, Bad Company
By Rev. Fr. Francis Babatunde

Bad company ruins good morals, says St. Paul. Sometimes people’s judgment about you due to the type of friends you keep may be wrong. But most often, either we influence our friends or we are influenced by them. Our association with people of questionable character can increase or decrease us. It can add or subtract from us. Happy is the person who does not associate with the ungodly, follow bad company, or go to the wicked for advice. His future and sustenance will be secured. Jesus’ mixing with tax collectors and sinners was deliberate. It was to save them. He is a God for all, not a few. Even though he was often misunderstood, that did not prevent him from being who he is. People must definitely talk, and sometimes even tag you. But that should not be a problem to you or discourage you so long you are doing the right thing. Sometimes it may even be from your friend. On what foundation do you keep the friends you keep? We must make efforts to help them grow spiritually.


Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, We thank you for your love and presence in our lives. Continue to make our lives an imprint of your love. Amen 

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