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Doctrines & Morals

The Word of God
By Rev. Fr. Francis Babatunde

The Second Vatican council teaches that the Word of God is progressive: always and ever new. Hence every approach to the Word of God brings in new understanding. For instance, the Gospel reading today is certainly well-known and often heard by us. Have you ever considered it from the point of view of Jesus fulfilling what was predicted about him? We can note at least five points where predictions about him have been fulfilled. (1) Mary was to give the child the name “Jesus”. The name was given even before he was conceived by his mother. (2) It was said “great will be his dignity”. Today we offer no higher dignity to anyone than we give to Jesus. (3) He would be “called Son of the Most High”. Christians have always taught and believed that Jesus is the son of the Most High”. (4) He would be given “the throne of David”. The Lord embodies all the royalty of David and much more. (5) It is said “his reign will be without end”. David was king for forty years; Jesus reigns forever. This passage is a bold statement about the future. Christmas is the annual birthday celebration of the one who is no ordinary child.


Prayer: Lord, remove any form of lethargic attitude towards the reading of your Word. Amen 

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