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Doctrines & Morals

By Rev. Fr. Francis Babatunde

There is a synergy between the first reading and the gospel: the joy of meeting, the joy of fulfilment. The two can hardly wait to meet and start their new life together. It’s the springtime of the year and the springtime of their lives. John and Jesus are restless with excitement. They seem eager to be born, to develop, and to begin their respective missions. Already in their mothers’ wombs they are communicating with each other. Each day we are provided with a number of favorable opportunities to find similar excitement and joy. The memories of the past may be very good, but trust in God and hope in life itself can always entice us into the fresh new dreams of future opportunities. With the coming of Christmas, we can, like a child, leap and dance with joy and excitement. We have the opportunities to be as jubilant as we make up our minds to be.

Prayer: Lord, make us always see reasons to be happy. Amen 

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