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Doctrines & Morals

God’s Choice not Human Standard
By Rev. Fr. Francis Babatunde

At times we have the tendency of using our limited knowledge to evaluate the choices of God. In today’s reading we see God making the choice of Saul as the king of Israel, likewise in the Gospel Jesus makes the choice of going to the house of Alphaeus and making him a disciple of his. For the people, Alphaeus was not worthy to have Jesus in his house since he was a tax collector and a sinner, because of this he was hated by the people. But Christ shows us that he is above human evaluation and standard, and that God can make use of anybody no matter their past to accomplish his mission. Likewise as Christians we should not be quick to give up on an individual; also there is the tendency for us to judge people by their character such that when an individual comes to us with a sincere advice, we could discard this individual base on the life of the person. Let us remember that God can use anyone to speak to us, so instead of looking at the person’s life let us rather just accept the message.

Prayer: Eternal Father, grant me the patience to see the sincere advice of others as a message from you, no matter what their life situation may be. Amen.

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