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Doctrines & Morals

Obedience to God is Ultimate
By Religious

In today’s reading it was Saul’s intention to please God the way he wished, but he forgot that the best way to please the Lord was by remaining obedient to what he had commanded and so he went against what God had commanded him to do by collecting things with the intention of making sacrifice to God. This is a clear indication that at the topmost of our relationship with God is our being obedient to him and his commands. Likewise we could think like Saul that what is necessary in pleasing God is by offering sacrifices to him, and so we can go about doing things the way we like and the way we want to. But we are reminded that the best way to please the Lord is when we are obedient to him and not the amount of money we bring to Church as tithes or offerings. So we must not think that our donations or sacrifices to God give us the permission to go about being disobedient to God. The perfect offering we can make to him is the offering of ourselves which can be done by our submission to his will.

Prayer; O Lord, grant that through our obedience to your commands and will, we may make ourselves a fitting sacrifice for your acceptance. Amen. 

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