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Doctrines & Morals

Grace supports our Ability
By Religious

The story of David and Goliath is one that shows God’s ability of using what the world considers little or minute to bring down the great and the strong. Interestingly God made use of the little David had to bring down the great might of Goliath. Just like David, God is willing to make use of that little effort we have to achieve greater and huge things. Every day of our lives we face our Goliath in different ways, be it financial difficulties, health challenges, struggling with addictions, family disputes, or even trying to overcome a particular sin. There could be the temptation of thinking that our little effort cannot achieve any goal that only God’s sudden intervention would do. Truly God’s intervention is needed but he wants you to take the first step, fling the stone like David and he would lead it to the spot it needs to hit. This is a clear indication that God blesses our human ability and makes it possible for us to achieve great things than we even expect to achieve.

Prayer; Almighty God, help me to continually face my difficulties with my little effort and bless my effort to yield a much greater result in facing these challenges. Amen.

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