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Doctrines & Morals

The unclean Spirit of Jealousy
By Religious

Today’s gospel show us the power of Christ in driving out unclean spirit from those he encountered showing that he wants to leave those who have met him clean. One unclean spirit that possesses us today is the spirit of jealousy, a vice that is able to drive us into performing so many other sins. In the first reading we saw how Saul’s jealousy led him to a hatred for David because of the fame David had now gathered, and so Saul was planning on killing him. Like Saul, jealousy can lead us into committing so many other sins, it makes us see the other individual as a rival instead of seeing them as a brother or sister. This rivalry can lead to so many other sins. By our encounter of Jesus as Christians we ought not to possess this sort of spirit rather we should seek to bring people and individuals closer.

Prayer; O Lord, help me to see my neighbors not as rivals but rather as companions sharing the same goal and aim in this life and beyond. Amen.

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