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Doctrines & Morals

Live above hatred
By Religious

In today’s reading David had the chance of killing Saul, one who had been after his life to kill him, but David chose not to, in fact he recognized Saul as the chosen, anointed of one God and intended not to harm one whom God had chosen. In this story we see a rare case of paying evil with good. The popular saying two wrongs do not make a right comes to play here. Like David, we are called to be Christians who live above the normal human standard of retaliation and paying evil for evil. There is no better way of preaching reconciliation than living it out with our lives and showing people that like David it is possible to love and pray for those who hate you and seek your downfall. Some of us have been wronged in the past and we have this bottled up in us waiting for the right time to revenge and retaliate the wrong that has been done to us. This surely is not the Christian way since we are following in the footstep of Christ the one who prayed for his executioners.

Prayer; Grant me the strength, O Lord, to forgive those who hurt me and may I not seek retaliations for the wrongs that have been done to me in the past. Amen.

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