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Doctrines & Morals

Living for the Gospel
By Religious

After Jesus called the twelve, his sending them out two by two shows the testimony of the “two” witnesses the Old Testament speaks about. These twelve had the authority of Jesus, through which they healed and anointed the sick. A prerequisite for discipleship is the renunciation of the self and detachment. He who possesses wealth and clings to it will definitely have a divided heart towards Jesus. Think deeply and ask yourself, “is my heart really with and for Jesus?” The heart is the true aspect of the human person where all hidden thoughts are reserved and the truth of a person’s being, belief and action is reposed. Imagine your heart fixed on and for Jesus, one cannot live for oneself but be spurred by the love that is outreaching; extending to all parts it can go to bring this love and the news of this love to all and sundry. Jesus still wants us going out to proclaim the Gospel, a story of the world’s greatest love which we have become witnesses by virtue of our baptism which grafts us unto the life of Christ. What is the best story you can tell as a Christian? It is definitely the story of the Gospel. Make no mistake about it.

Prayer: Lord give us the grace to follow you with undivided hearts. Amen.

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