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Doctrines & Morals

Using our gift of Speech wisely
By Religious

Jesus’ use of signs gives a background and foundation for the sacraments as signs through which inward graces is bestowed on man. Christ’s healing of the deaf man with speech impediment shows that it is worse still to have a good speech that is used for profane utterances instead of proclaiming the word of God, and uttering words that edifies and brings blessings. Reading further about this, St. James will tell us in his letter never to use the tongue that is meant to praise God and utter blessings to curse men (see Jas 3:9-12). If our tongue is all about speaking calumny and tearing asunder with our words, then we are not different from the man who had the speech impediment. How so? Simply because an impediment is an obstacle to something that is meant to be, and the tongue has been given for the right purpose. To use it for the contrary is to create an impediment by our own selves to the achievement of its purpose namely to glorify God and to speak words that edify and allow for mutual up building. We certainly need the healing touch of Jesus to loosen our tongues from the wrap of this thwarted course. Let us speak kind words to one another, that may be the one healing a brother or a sister needs to hear just for today.

Prayer: O Lord, let my tongue sing your praises. Amen.

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