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Coat of Arms


The most visible and central figure of the coat is the Cross. The emblem of the sufferings of Christ and the Patron of the Archdiocese. In its original brown wood colour, it represents the price of our salvation.

The light rays issuing from the Cross represents the light of truth and the light of the Gospel spreading forth from the Cross of Christ who said ‘when I am lifted up on the Cross, I shall draw all things to myself.’

Next is the Lagoon surrounding the city of Lagos and the ocean represented by the blue colour in the image of ocean waves.

Beyond the Lagoon we find the rays separated and going further, a sign of the spread of the Gospel from the Lagos Island to the other parts of Lagos and beyond.

On top of the Cross is the Latin inscription, ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’, meaning: ‘In this sign we Conquer.’ The same inscription on Constantine’s shield when he went to battle with his foes as revealed to his Mother St Helena in a vision.








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