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Breakdown of morals in our World

In today’s world, there is a new form of atheism that deifies man and his potentials, but discredits the reality and place of God in creation. It is taken almost for granted that man has the password to his existence and destiny and so has the last word in all matters that concern him. The breakthrough in all areas of science and technology, exquisite discoveries in the field of medicine, the development of educational programmes and researches and the renaissance in the world of arts and culture have sown in us the seed of self-dependence and insufficiency.

But this is far from our reality, because our daily experiences are reversals of what is expected, namely; there is a constant moral decay in every segment of our lives; lies and deception are now seen as normal, increase in bribery and corruption, fast rise in crime rates, youth restiveness, increase in divorce and failed marriages, exploitation of sex and nudity in our society and the untamed loss of the value of human life.

All of these have made our society what it is now- worldly and sinful. Our society has become a sick bed because the individuals who are in it are becoming more and more immoral, unprincipled and ungodly. It is almost the case of each man for himself because we have become increasingly greedy and gullible. And if things continue this way in our society, it will not be long before man finally destroys himself.

• Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins is the Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos.



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