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Reducing the high cost of governance

One of the major burdens strangulating this country is the unnecessary high cost of governance. A large portion of our annual budget is being spent in paying the bloated salaries and allowances of numerous political office holders to the detriment of the long-suffering workers who barely earn enough to take care of themselves and their families. We have said it over and over again that there is urgent need for drastic reduction of the salaries and allowances of our political office-holders, starting from the President, his vice, the governors, ministers, senators, House of Assembly members up to Local Government Chairmen and Counsellors.

They must be ready to make sacrifices to move the nation forward. The present arrangement where so much salaries, allowances and pensions are given to present and past leaders to the detriment of the masses is lopsided, unjust and not a true reflection of the state of our economy. I believe, sincerely, that the present administration owes us all a responsibility to continue to make efforts to cut down on all its expenses in line with present realities.

• Most Rev. (Dr.) Alfred Adewale Martins is the Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos.



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