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A world in need of spiritual renewal

Judging from the above, it is obvious that there is an urgent need for renewal. There is an urgent need for us to invoke the Holy Spirit to take possession of our being, to transform us into the true image of God that we were at creation. This spiritual in dwelling will spur us to sanitise our society so as to become what God has destined it to be. In truth, man is far from what he ought to be and needs renewal if he is going to fulfill his purpose in creation. We need a renewal in our attitude towards God and one another. And this is only possible if we call on the Holy Spirit, to renew what is dead in us and our society, and make us alive again. We need the Holy Spirit to re-create within us the fire of His divine love and put us aright with God. Then we will in turn work as agents of renewal wherever we find ourselves. As we gradually approach the end of the year, let us pray fervently for God to send down His Holy Spirit afresh upon us, for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life!

Peace be with you!



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