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Participation in Politics

There is a saying that evil thrives when good people stay aloof. Over the years, we have watched our national wealth plundered by some of those who have been given the position of leadership. A few of them have captured and are holding the wealth of our nation in their hands. Since Vatican II in particular, Catholic lay faithful have been encouraged to take active part in politics, to seek to serve in political offices, bringing the values of the faith to bear on the political activities in the nation. We thank God for some who have dared to brave the odds, and we wish to encourage more and more of our lay faithful to get involved. The hierarchy of the Church has the responsibility of providing the support that we are in position to give in order to inject new values into politics and the life of the nation. We need to take more responsibility for our nation and its future. At this point in time, the whole nation is preparing for the 2023 elections. We once again urge all our people to make the efforts needed to register and get their voters card, the PVC.

This is the tool that we need in order to choose those that will serve our country selflessly and meet the needs of the common man. We are not unaware of the difficulties that people are going through, with the aim of seeing what can be done in terms of calling attention to the critical areas. However, our participation should not end with voting, it should also include making efforts to seek elective positions in government. Indeed, all patriotic Nigerians, people of goodwill, professionals, technocrats and entrepreneurs must come together and provide a more credible alternative political framework to salvage this country that is so much in need of quality and visionary leadership.

•Most Rev. (Dr.) Alfred Adewale Martins is Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos.



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