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Show the importance of the most Holy Trinity by making the sign of the cross

• Let’s pray for fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit on our leaders

Catholics should show importance of the most Holy Trinity by making the sign of the cross. As we celebrate the Holy Trinity today, we celebrate the majesty which belongs to God alone and the glory that belongs to the Holy Trinity. We should be united and take as our lesson from the Holy Trinity to make a difference in the world as Christians. We should always thank God for blessings received individually and as a community. I urge the faithful to strive to attain holiness and make heaven their goal. I admonish the faithful to be their brother’s keeper and live a life of holiness and virtue. As we experience new administration at the federal and state levels, we should pray for the fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit on our leaders so that they can lead us aright. We must not trade the unity of our nation, the federal character of our nation must be respected. I urge all Christians to pray for the country’s leaders to lead the citizens with the fear of God. The leaders must establish trust among the led, they must work for the common good and unity of our country. An environment of peace, tolerance and harmonious living among the people irrespective of religious and political differences could lead to meaningful development in our country. All hands must be on the deck to build again a virile nation, where love and harmony, forgiveness and peace, equity and prosperity will reign supreme. All Nigerians irrespective of religion should pray for the restoration of what our nation has lost. Let’s remain patient in the face of political and religious intolerance, insecurity and economic hardships because Jesus will help us triumph over all of these challenges.

• Most Rev. (Dr.) Alfred Adewale Martins, Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos.



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