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50th World Communication Day

In celebration of the 50th World Communication Day yesterday, the Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins held a press conference in the Cathedral with media practitioners in attendance.

The Conference started at 1.00pm, with the opening prayer led by Monsignor Gabriel Osu. Seated on the high table were His Grace, Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins, Monsignor Gabriel Osu, Holy Cross Cathedral Administrator, Fr Marcellinus Teko and the President, Catholic Organization of Nigeria, Lagos.

During the conference the Archbishop gave his opinion on some questions asked by members of the press.

He spoke on the Fulani Herdsmen, saying violence is not the solution, and urges the Government to take actions so as to protect the lives of individuals living in affected areas. He also said the Government should look into creating ranches for herdsmen to graze their herds as this will go a long way in curbing the problem of destroyed farmlands.

His Grace also told the press that there is need for adequate communication between the government and the people as it helps prevent the spread of rumour and misinformation.

On why the celebration of Mass on World Communication Day, the Archbishop said the mass is the greatest offering we can give to God.

In his message to communication practitioners, he urged them to choose their words carefully and desist from chasing after catchy headline as their words can either build bridges or create walls.

Speaking on the fight against corruption, he advised that the rule of law should take precedence.

The Archbishop spoke on the visit of the Catholic Bishop Conference to the president and said that they communicated the plight of Christians being endangered in Northern region to him, also that the issues of the Fulani herdsmen was also discussed and he was glad that few days afterwards the President ordered the Military to step in.

He applauded the works of the Dominican order and said that the Lagos archdiocese is beneficiary to their preaching.

In conclusion, he said marriage and family life is very crucial to the church as it is part of the fundamentals in growing the church.

The CatholicAgora App and Catholic Herald website were launched.

Monsignor Gabriel Osu, urged all media practitioners to only echo what the Archbishop has said.

The closing prayer was said by Rev. Fr. Marcellinus Teko.


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