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2020 Celebration of Ecumenical Week (19th – 25th January)

Theme: “Christian Unity: A Response to Systematic Violence, Insecurity and Social Justice” (Is 2:4b) 

Day 1(Sun) Awareness in all Parishes 

Day 2(Mon) Christian Communities Face to Face with Old and New Division 

Day 3(Tue) Christian Communities Face to Face with Economic, Injustice, Poverty, War and Violence 

Day 4(Wed) Christian Communities Face to Face with Discrimination and Social Prejudice 

Day 5(Thur) Christians’ Response to RUGA 

Day 6(Fri) Christians’’ Call to God’s Intervention (Ps. 44:23) 

Day 7(Sat) Lagos Archdiocesan Ecumenism Day at St. Leo Catholic Church, Ikeja(Two Talk Presentations) 

i. Christian Unity: A Response to Systemtic Violence, Insecurity and Social Injustice (Is 2:4b) by Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah 

ii. Inter-Religious Dialogue: A Panacea for Nation Building by CAN 

We call on all Parishes to ensure that their programme of Prayers for the New Year does not clash with the Week of Christian Unity which is a Universal week celebrated all over the Catholic World. The Universal takes precedence over Particular Celebrations. 


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