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Reception of Holy Communion during Covid-19

the resumption of public Masses amidst the Covid-19 reality has thrust upon us, new ways of doing things. Even in our liturgy, we have to learn some new adaptations in our way of worship. We now call attention particularly to the reception of Holy Communion and the need for us to guard against any form of disregard or contempt that may creep in when receiving Holy Communion. The expected practice of receiving Holy communion is thus: the communicant approaches the Sanctuary, stretching out the arm, he/she places the left hand on top the right hand. Then the Priest shows him/her the Holy Communion, he/she says “Amen” pulls down the face mask, reverently picks up the Holy Communion with the right hand and places in the mouth, wears the face mask before returning to their seat. At all times let us go about this sacred action with the proper decorum and reverence that is due. 


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