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Jesus, A Child Of Promise

“My dear Brothers and Sister, It is a day of Joy and thanksgiving” , these were the opening statement of His Grace, Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins, the Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos as he offers his homily at the Holy Cross Cathedral Church, Lagos, today the 25th of December at the 10am mass. He spoke on God’s promise, emphasizing on the fact that Our God, always keeps his promise.

He spoke on the fulfillment on the name Emmanuel (God is with us) saying that, God took flesh in-order to be with us. The coming of Christ he said is the affirmation That God always keeps his promise, never to forsake us.

During his homily, he invited two children, Elizabeth Daudu, aged 4 (Basic 1) and Chinwe Emeka aged 6 (Basic 2) to come to the altar and remind us of who Jesus is in all the books of the bible, both Old and New Testament. It was an an amazing delivery as both children recited poem celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ in all the books of the bible.

He further, spoke on the situation of the country, urging us all to remember that our heavenly father will never forsake us and will rescue in our time of troubles.

In conclusion, he pleaded that we never allow hopelessness take control of our life.


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