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By Rev. Harrison Okoli

Jesus knew that the reality of his passion and death would greatly shock his disciples. He said it very clearly, you will be weeping and wailing… you will be sorrowful. They would experience a deep sense of loss when Jesus returned to the Father. We have all known the sharp sorrow that comes from losing people we love. It might be the death of a parent or a mentor, or having to let go of someone we are fond of to another person, or some loss of health or energy or mobility. Loss in all its forms generates sadness. Jesus makes a very firm promise to his sorrowing disciples, “your sorrow will turn into joy… I shall see you again, and you hearts will be full of joy.” The Lord’s presence can fill the emptiness caused by our many losses. He has come full of grace and truth and we are invited to receive from his fullness, grace upon grace. In times of sorrow and loss we can hold on with confidence to the Lord’s promise, “your sorrow will turn into joy.” 

Prayer: O Lord, turn our sorrows to joy that never ends. Amen.

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