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He wipes away our tears

At a time when many are sorrowful, in pains, and anguish as a result of wars and man’s inhumanity, today’s message has a consoling nuance. It affords us the opportunity to see our God as a Father who loves, understands, and cares for us. He knows our predicaments; he understands that times are hard; he feels our pain and shares in our failures. Amidst all, he wishes us success; he provides for our every need; he heals us, strengthens us, and consoles us. As we go about today’s activities, we must be consoled with the knowledge that God shares our situations and will surely wipe away our tears. If God our Father does this, let us imitate him, we who are his Children; wipe away the tears that falls from the eyes close to you, from the eyes that you see weeping. We rather want a world with smiling faces and eyes that glee, than one with tears and sorrows. Be part of creating a beautiful face and a beautiful world.

Prayer: Father, I know that times are hard. But I am consoled by your promise and I know that you will wipe away my tears. Amen.

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