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Responding to God’s Call
By Rev. Harrison Okoli

Through the ages Jesus has called men and women of all races and nations. He calls each one by name, in the same manner as he called Isaiah and Peter in the readings of today. The Gospel present Peter’s first encounter with Christ and this is essential in understanding his whole life and mission. In this encounter, Jesus announced the plan and mission he had for him vis-à-vis to make him fisher of men. This act is also expressed symbolically in the miraculous catching of fish. The call of Peter is actually to pass from being a failed fisherman to becoming the successful fisher of men, bringing eternal life to innumerable number of people. The account of the call of Isaiah and Peter provides a model for every Christian disciple today. The message from the Book of Isaiah and the Gospel of Luke are very clear. That the call to discipleship is a divine initiative and it requires immediate, appropriate and absolute response. It requires total surrender and detachment from previous engagements. Like Peter and Isaiah, every Christian has a God appointed mission to fulfill. Thus, there are variety of vocations in the church, but all are called to cooperate with Christ in the salvation of the world.

Prayer: Almighty Father, give us the courage to respond to your call faithfully and to be heralds of the good news.

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