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Christ our new beginning
By Rev. Harrison Okoli

The story of creation presents eternal truth about God and humanity, about the nature and significance of creation. The book of Genesis marks the beginning of salvation history; a history that will be completed at the end of time as related to the final chapters of Revelation. The intent of the creation story is not to give a lesson on physics or biology, but a lesson in the theological orders of things. God is the source of all things and in the beauty of creation unfolds His omnipotence as a loving Father. This expression is explicated in the Gospel of today, where Christ is our new beginning or genesis, that brings the healing we all need. The physical healings during his earthly life were signs of the healings and calm he brings to the challenges and problems of human heart. Our healing takes place when the Holy Spirit sweeps over the formless void of our lives and grant us peace and tranquility of heart.

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