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The betrayal of Jesus
By Rev. Harrison Okoli

In the gospel reading, we hear of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. One thing is clear from the gospel passage, and that is the fact that if the other disciples had known what Judas was about to do, he would never have left the room alive. This is because, all the time, Judas must have been putting on an act of love and loyalty which deceived everyone except Jesus, because God cannot be deceived or deceive. Judas was not only a bare-faced villain; he was a perfect hypocrite. Judas allowed his love for money to overshadow his love for his Master (Christ). In that case, we can say that Judas’ love for Christ was not genuine: his love for Christ was never from the deepest part of his heart. The truth is, when we allow our love for the material things of this world dominate our love for God, we cannot be different from Judas who betrayed Christ. God’s love for us is so much that he sent His only Son to die for the salvation of the world and the only way we can repay Him for all these is to love Him genuinely. We cannot say that we love God, when we use the position and the material things that He has blessed us to oppress others and fight the church (the Body of Christ).


Prayer: Lord, help us to love you above the material things of this world! Amen

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