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By Fr. John Oscar Obi

The Holy Spirit as the Advocate denotes that the Holy Spirit is the helper and the power of God working with those who have relinquished their will to the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the connection between us and the Divine from the outside to the inside of us. Once this happens in our lives we begin to live a deeper, richer, and fuller way in our Christian commitment to Jesus.  Beloved in the Lord, again fundamental to our readings to today is the fact that Jesus also made it clear that the Holy Spirit is the Teacher of everything; bearing this is mind we must know that instruction for every lover of Christ is closeness with the scripture. Let us as children of the Kingdom listen to the teachings of the Holy Spirit personally by dutiful study of the Scripture.  We must also reflect on who the spirit is to us personally? What is the place of the Holy Spirit in my Life?


Prayer; May the Advocate continue to be with us now and forever.

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