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On a day like these we pray for our country Nigeria; for peace and tranquility, we must pray that God should give our leaders the spirit and insight to understood full well the meaning of democracy and leadership in service.  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.     The life and mission of Paul and his companions is quite interesting and faith awaking. If we pay attention to his encounter with the people of Athens; we can perceive that his attitude and approach was influenced with wisdom and respect for the culture and tradition of the people. Paul did not condemn the people of Athens, nor call them pagans foolishly; No with wisdom and respect for the people he spoke to them. A great lesson for us; we must know that in the proclamation of the word we need wisdom and respect to those we want to convert. Hence we must read and take instruction from those who have appoint us in any given circumstance to preach the word either by word of mouth or by work of hands.   Again the greatest miracle for every believer is the believe of eternity. Today we believe in the glorious resurrection of the dead to the life of eternity. We must avoid sin and be vigilant in holiness and good works. Once we give in to sin habitually we reject God and his message like the others who said “We shall hear you again”.


Prayer; Lord grant conversion to our world.

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