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It is the desire of all parents that their children be united as one in peace, love and harmony.  This is even more applicable to our Heavenly Father.

When Jesus invited the disciples to be perfect in Mathew 5:48, his intention no doubt, is that all God’s people should be truly united in God. This unity which exists between people and God must also exist between the people of God.  Christian relationship must be both vertical and horizontal.  And so, Our Lord Jesus having noticed tendencies of selfishness, competition and disunity among the disciples, prayed to the Father for their unity.

This prayer for unity is for all Christians - and the basis of the unity is Jesus himself, as He revealed in John 17:2-5. This is why He left for us the Sacrament of Unity – The Eucharist.

The presence of the Eucharist is supposed to be a source of Christian unity; just as the Eucharistic sacrament (bread and wine) achieves unity from many grains of wheat and the multiplicity of grapes. But we are often apart from each other because of pride, selfishness, unhealthy competition. All these exist because we do not really seek Christ. Rather, we use Christ to seek ourselves.  As such, we are led away from Christ to crisis.

Prayer: O Lord, help us to be open to the Eucharist, the source of unity, so that we may be inflamed with fraternal charity that accepts the differences of our individuality to bear with one another. Amen.

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