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Jesus in the gospel of today made it plain that he did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. How did he fulfill the law? Jesus fulfilled the law not just by following it, but by showing its full realization. He showed the full realization of the law and prophets when he traced it to the fundamental requirements it ought to attain:  the love of God and love of neighbour. It is therefore clear that Jesus has two attitudes towards the law, namely breaking and continuation. On one hand Jesus wishes to break the misinterpretation of the law and on the other hand he wishes to continue the spirit of the law. As we know Jesus while sweeping in accepting, was thorough in his condemning. He perhaps might have said this because some of his followers may have shown the sign of equating love for everyone for love for everything. He may have observed that some being Jews felt that mere observation of the law leads to salvation (Acts 15:1, 5). In the face of this tension Jesus calls for a balanced community. A community where law and order are observed for the good of all. But Jesus does not wish to promote arbitrary observation of law. For we are not obliged to observe laws that infringes on human dignity and are contrary to natural order, laws relating to permission of abortion and same-sex marriage. But we must promote social laws that ensure good ordering of society.


Prayer: We pray, O Lord, that You grant wisdom and courage to those who make laws, interpret them, and implement them that through them the whole human race may enjoy true peace. Amen.   

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