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Play Your Part As Long As Time Permits
By Religious

The transition from Moses to Joshua in the first reading of today is an important action. No one can take the credit away from Moses, considering how he handled a stiff-necked people, who were already overwhelming by their mass number. He was the instrument GOD used to liberate the people of Israel at about 80 years old. Although he began this journey of liberation, another phase in the life of Israel had come when the mantle had to rest on another shoulder, namely Joshua. The point here is that, we must know at a given time, how to withdraw and leave the place for others just as Moses says “I am one hundred and twenty years old now, and can no longer come and go as I will.” This is not a sign of weakness but an attitude of sensitivity to one’s limitation as not to impede the growth of others. We can think of the men and women who for very salient reasons have had to hand over the baton of leadership or some responsibilities to others. One notable person in recent past who did that was Pope [Emeritus] Benedict XVI who had to resign the Papacy, yet his resignation didn’t make him less the great man that he is and the faithful servant of the Church. GOD wants us to play our part fully as long as he calls us to do it. It is important not to waste time about it so that such responsibility will not be at stake however, it is the Lord who truly and ultimately achieves his plans not any man or woman.

PRAYER: GOD Almighty, you are the beginning and the end, prompt our actions with your grace and complete them with your all powerful help. Amen.

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