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The Power Of God
By Religious

Today’s first reading tells us that there is nothing impossible for God to do. In fact, the word “impossible” does not exist in God’s dictionary. God through the prophet Zechariah, promises restoration to Zion. The promises seem to real to be true and then He says even if it seems impossible to people, it is not impossible to Him. God can restore our land. God can restore our nation; He can do the impossible. We need to trust Him and call on Him and He will hear us.

In today’s gospel, Jesus explains that for us to be great, we need to be least. We need to come down from our high places and drop the garment of pride. We need to serve others, show love, be humble and be like little children- innocent in heart. Jesus also teaches us a big lesson about our tolerance with other Christians. The fact that we do not belong to the same denomination, does not make them evil especially if they do not preach against us. For whoever is not against you is for you.

Prayer: O Lord, let your saving power restore us and our nation and grant us your peace and prosperity. Amen

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