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God Is Our Father
By Religious

Like to the disciples, Jesus today teaches us how to pray. This prayer dares to call God "our Father" and boldly asks for the things we need to live as his sons and daughters.  We can worship and adore the Father because he has caused us to be reborn to his life by adopting us as his children in his only Son. We can approach God our Father with confidence and boldness because Jesus Christ has opened the way to heaven for us through his death and resurrection.  As a Father, God responds with grace and mercy towards us.  He is kind and forgiving towards us and he expects us to treat our neighbor the same.  We can pray with expectant faith because our heavenly Father loves us and treats us as his children.  He delights to give us what is good. His love and grace transforms us and makes us like himself.  Through his grace and power let us love and serve one another as Jesus taught -- with grace, mercy, and loving-kindness. 

Prayer: Gracious Father, grant that your Son’s teaching may instil in us the daring faith to call you Father, and by the same teaching strive to live as your children. Amen. 

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