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Jesus in today's gospel demonstrated both the beauty and goodness of God in his actions. In all healings in the Gospels, the physical cure of the deaf and mute man is not only real, but also has a deeper spiritual significance. God designed human beings not only with the physical senses but also with marvellous spiritual capacities to see, hear, and relate to him. These interior faculties were disabled by original sin, causing a severe communication block between God and humanity. Jesus' healings of people who are deaf, blind, and lame is a sign of his restoration of   humanity to the fullness of life and of communion with our Creator. That is the mission of Jesus; to restore, renew, and reconcile us to God.  Now by the grace of Christ we are able to hear God's voice in our hearts, sing his praises, and proclaim his mighty deeds. With our hearts,  minds and ears opened, are we able to extend this gift of healing to others, do we considers others in our actions as Christ considered the man in the gospel. How much do we care for others? 

Lord, fill me with your holy spirit and inflame my heart with love. 

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