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The reality of judgment and the afterlife
By Religious

The gospel reading brings our minds in contact with the reality of judgement and the afterlife. Jesus Christ says that all authority has been given to Him by the Father and the Son gives life to whoever He chooses. He also says that there will be a time for judgment and those who have done good would resurrect to life and those who have done bad would face judgement. My dear brothers and sisters, this is what we profess in our creed every time we recite or sing it; judgement and the life to come. For us to enjoy a merciful judgment in the hands of the Lord Jesus we must join Him in doing the work of His father and this work is the work of love. Jesus tells us at the beginning of the gospel that His Father is working and He is working too. The Lord Jesus wants men and women who will join Him in doing the work of His Father which is showing love. This is only when we will not need to fear judgment on the last day.

Prayer: Lord Jesus help us to carry on the work of love you started here on earth so that at the judgment we may gain admittance into your heavenly kingdom. Amen.

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