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Brief History

In 1870, after 10 years of existence, the Vicariate of Dahomey became the Vicariate of the Bight of Benin (Orae Benin). From the Original Vicariate, the following jurisdictions were created: the Prefecture of Dahomey (1883), the Prefecture of Upper Niger (1884), the Vicariates of Ondo-llorin (1943), the Prefecture of Oyo (1949),  and the Prefecture of Ibadan (1952). The remainder of the Vicariate of the Bight of Benin was raised  to the status of an Archdiocese on the 8th of April, 1950, with the name Archdiocese of Lagos. in 1969, the Ijebu-Ode district was created  a Diocese, in 1997, the Yewa district was created as the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta. 

The total geographical coverage is 3, It comprises mainly of the Lagos State. The population of Lagos is 9,200,000 with approximately 2,760,000 numbers of Catholics.

Historical details
1860.08.28: Established as Apostolic Vicariate of Dahomey from the Apostolic Vicariate of Two Guineas and Senegambia in Gabon
1870.08.24: Renamed as Apostolic Vicariate of Benin Coast
1943.01.12: Renamed as Apostolic Vicariate of Lagos
1950.04.18: Promoted as Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lagos

Past Vicars Apostolic

Jean-Baptiste Chausse, S.M.A.                                  1891 - 1894

Paul Pellet, S.M.A.                                                         1895 - 1901               

Joseph Lang S.M.A.                                                      1902 - 1912

Ferdinand Terrien, S.M.A.                                            1912 - 1929

Francis O’ Rourke, S.M.A.                                            1930 - 1938

Leo Hale Taylor, S.M.A.                                               1939 - 1950

Past Archbishops

Leo Hale Taylor                                                            1950 - 1965

John Kwao Aggey                                                         1965 - 1972

Anthony Cardinal Okogie                                            1973 – 2012

Alfred Adewale Martins                                                2012 - ??








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